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Indian food recipes have traditionally been passed on from Grandma’s to Mum’s kitchen. However, the contribution of Indian Market kitchen and the food bazaar influence has been immense to shape the modern Indian cuisine.



Apna Meats & Grill, home of authentic Indian cuisine, is a full service take out, and catering Indian Restaurant in Brantford. Apna Meats & Grill excels in the best-kept secret about Indian food, aroma and flavors. Curry flavors make Indian Cuisine one of the very best on Earth. Indian food is essentially very healthy and is traditionally cooked using a variety of naturally grown curry spices and herbs. Apna Meats & Grill chefs use authentic curry spices and herbs that are very common to India. Curry spices and herbs used in Indian cuisine from the start of civilization are equally popular in India and the world today. Apna Meats & Grill uses locally grown food and fresh produce from the local Farmer's Market